By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Rescued Monkey Has WINNING Social Skills… Even The Cat Loves Him.

Horace may have been too young to remember when he was rescued as a tiny baby but he seems to possess a sixth sense when it comes to comforting others. The tiny monkey was found on the highway with his mom who had been hit by a car.

When he was taken to the sanctuary, Horace was very small and in need of a lot of attention. The non-profit organization is a safe haven for wild and domestic animals who have been injured, orphaned or abused. Although, Horace has the freedom to leave what has become his forever home, the tiny animal has chosen to stay and cuddle with every single species that lives with him.

Horace was very small when he was brought into the sanctuary.

Although, there are other monkeys in the premise, Horace wants to love everyone. Even the human species.

When new rescues arrive, Horace is always there to give his time and love.

Horace is notorious for staying up late to hang out with the felines.

He loves getting piggy back rides.

Source: the dodo