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33 One-Of-A-Kind Restaurants That Serve Up A Jaw-Dropping Experience.

Dining out is always an experience. Sometimes it’s a good one and sometimes not so much. Many people have their favorite places to go and that could be based on the food, the service or maybe both. Today, we will look at some of the most unique dining experiences in the world. Some of what you will see will amaze you and you will immediately start planning your trip. On the other hand, some of them are just plain stupid and you have to wonder how they stay in business.

The restaurants that are built into cliffs or on ledges offer truly spectacular views that many won’t want to miss. However, it will cost you because eating with such precious backdrops can be very pricey. But as you will see there are a lot of restaurants that look like they are well worth the money.

You will also see some ideas that you will wonder why anyone would want to eat a meal there. For instance, the place that has you sitting on a toilet will boggle your mind. If that doesn’t, you’ll certainly wonder why anyone would want to eat lunch in a waterfall. If that one fails to get you wondering this one certainly will… there is actually a restaurant in the United States where the staff treats you like crap, and they do it on purpose. Why anyone would want to eat a meal there is beyond me. So read on and you’ll find some of the most beautiful places on earth to eat a meal, as well as some of the dumbest!

#1. Vertigo, Bangkok

This restaurant features a Moon Bar and it sits on top of the Banyan Tree Hotel sixty one floors over Bangkok. If you are wanting to take in a tremendous view of the city over diner, this is the place to be! Bring plenty of money though because it looks like it could be expensive!

#2. A380 In-flight Kitchen, Taiwan

If you are one of the few people that love airplane food this is the place for you! This restaurant in Taiwan is designed after the internal workings of an airplane. Reports say that the food is much better though.

A380 In-flight Kitchen, Taiwan


#3. Waterfalls Restaurant, Phillipines

This restaurant is set right next to an overflow area of the Labassin Dam and is only open for lunch. It's a buffet style place with a great view, but it can get a little wet.

Waterfalls Restaurant, Phillipines

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#4. The Grotto at the Rayavadee Resort, Thailand

This restaurant is right on the beach and gives you breathtaking views over dinner. It's located right under a limestone cliff. Hardhats are optional.

#5. Villa Remvi, Aegean Sea

This restaurant has some great views for its guests. You can see volcanoes, beautiful water and the giant cruise ships. Since it's located right on the water, the menu is mainly made up of seafood dishes.

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