By Travis

LifeBuzz Staff

40 Craziest “Restricted Area” Places On Earth. #11 Is So Creepy And Cool.

Photographer Matt Emmett has made a living out of photographing inaccessible and unusual locations around the world. He sums his vision up nicely:

‘No Entry’, ‘Access Strictly Prohibited’, ‘Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted’… common sights on perimeter fences around many of this country’s forgotten buildings or abandoned industrial sites. In some cases, warnings of the potential dangers contained within, or an ineffective deterrent against thieves and vandals. To the urban explorer/photographer, however, these signs are the proverbial ‘red rag’ and serve to whet the appetite for the promise of hidden wonders that may lie beyond.

Below you will find some of the most stunning places that Matt has explored in his journeys through the UK and Europe.

#1. Matt at Clapham North Deep Shelter

#2. Abandoned Farm Kitchen

#3. Abandoned Prison Wing

#5. Beneath the tower

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