By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

12 Reasons Retail Workers Secretly Hate You… #4 Is Disgusting!

#5. Destroying the fitting room.

You wouldn't believe how nasty some of these rooms can get. Keep in mind that someone (a real live human being) has to clean them up, and try to stay as tidy as you can.

Destroying the fitting room.

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#6. Letting your kid roam free.

Most retail workers have the job they have because they DON'T want to be babysitters. Don't make them do it while you're shopping.

Letting your kid roam free.


#7. Asking questions before their lunch break.

If you see a retail worker about to take a break, don't riddle them with questions. They're human, they're hungry, and the polite thing to do is let them go and find someone else.

Asking questions before their lunch break.

#8. Stealing.

Retail workers often get trained in how to deal with this situation, meaning that they have to use a pre-written "customer service statement" if they see you do it. It's not a good look, though.



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