By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

A Woman Lost Her Wallet, But It Was Returned With A Surprising Note.

What would you do if you found someone else's wallet on the ground? We all like to think that when it came down to it, we'd do the right thing: Return the wallet to its rightful owner, content untouched. But then again, maybe we wouldn't. Perhaps we'd leave it, assuming someone else would pick it up. Maybe some would even take the cash before anonymously turning it into the police -- after all, no one would ever know, right?

This 10-year-old found a wallet on the ground, and despite his young age, he knew exactly what to do. Check out his heartfelt note below -- stories like this inspire all of us to be a little bit better.

Dear Ms. Sloan,

My name is Nasim Lawrence and I am 10 years old. I found your wallet on the ground at the Super Motocross event in Oakland. I know how it feels to lose something and I wanted to make sure you got your wallet back. Hopefully, I have made you smile and you are happy to have your money and ID back. I am glad I found it instead of some bad person who would steal from you. You look like a very nice person who does nice things for people so I wanted to do something nice for you. Plus it’s the honest thing to do.



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Source: Facebook