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20 Famous People Who Took Revenge To A Whole New Level.

We all have different ways of dealing with a person who wrongs us. There are a handful that can forgive without hesitation, but the rest of us let the anger fester for some time. During that time, we keep to ourselves, discuss the matter with trusted friends, or even look to religion or meditation to grant us with the power to forgive and let go. And then, there are those of us who get even.

Below you'll find a list of some of the most unforgettable acts of revenge in history, from transforming someone's estate into a mass grave to launching a massacre to avenge a loved one's death. A few of these acts are good humored while others are just plain brutal.

Don't get any ideas now. The point of sharing these stories is to avoid repeating them, except for maybe George Lucas's act of revenge. Find out what he did when his community refused to grant him permission to expand his production studio.

#1. Michael Eisner vs Jeffery Katzenberg

Not everything is peachy when it comes to Disney. Michael Eisner and Jeffery Katzenberg worked together first at Paramount Pictures and then later at The Walt Disney Company, where Eisner became CEO. Katzenmerg, who he brought along with him, took charge of the motion picture division.

In 1994, the position second to Eisner opened up but he chose not to promote Katzenberg. Katzenberg was forced to resign and later launched a lawsuit that won him a reported $250 million.

If that wasn't enough, Katzenberg went on to co-found DreamWorks SKG, which produced the successful animation film Shrek. Rumors point to the idea that the film's villain Lord Farquad bears a curious resemblance to Eisner.

Michael Eisner vs Jeffery Katzenberg


#2. Dante vs Pope Boniface VIII

Dante Alighieri, or simply Dante, was among the White Guelphs and believed that the Pope and emperor should serve as co-equals, a balance between the spiritual and the secular. Pope Boniface VIII, however, strongly believed in the Pope's superior power.

When Dante and his group were exiled, he began writing The Divine Comedy, in which he damned the Pope to hell even before his death.

Dante vs Pope Boniface VIII

#3. Inmates vs The Vermont Police

Police officers are often referred to as pigs. One year, inmates at a correctional facility in Vermont were asked to produce decals for patrol cars, where they sneakily added an image of the pig, says the Burlington Free Press.

A silhouette of the pig was disguised as one of the cow's spots. The emblem ended up on about 30 police cars. The department had to order a new set of decals.

Inmates vs The Vermont Police

Toby Talbot/AP

#4. David Bowie vs His Manager

Everything that comes from the Goblin King is a gift, but there's always more to the story, isn't there? David Bowie learned about the corruption of the music industry through his early manager Tony Defries, who reportedly set up a bad contract claiming half of his earnings.

The two finally parted ways in 1982, and that's when Bowie really took control of his music career. He paved the way for himself in becoming one of the most iconic artists in the world, and he no longer had to give up half of his income.

David Bowie vs His Manager

Gijsbert Hanekroot/Redferns/Getty Images

#5. Stephen King vs Bryan Smith

Legendary horror writer Stephen King was struck by a minivan in 1999. The driver was a man named Bryan Smith. In response, King purchased the minivan, and according to the Bridgton News of Bridgton, Maine, he intended to take a sledgehammer and beat it.

The writer also wrote Smith into his series Dark Tower, where his recklessness is highlighted and demeanor compared to that of another character, Stanley "Sheemie" Ruiz, who is mentally handicapped.

Stephen King vs Bryan Smith

Kenzo Tribouillard/Getty Images

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