By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Performed CPR On A Dead Bird… Watch The AMAZING Moment It Breathes Again.

In the small Brazilian town of Londrina, a man named Alessandro Sambatti made a shocking discovery at the bottom of his swimming pool: A Great Kiskadee bird had somehow flown in to the pool, and was unconscious and drowning.

Instead of scooping the bird out and leaving him to die, Sambatti decided to take action. He rushed the bird to dry ground and began performing mouth-to-mouth on him, alternating between that and some good old-fashioned chest compressions. Miraculously, the bird regains consciousness, and what happens next is even more amazing. We've never seen anything quite like this video before.

A man revives a bird

In Londrina, a Brazilian town in northern Paraná, Alessandro Sambatti found a Great Kiskadee Flycatcher lying at the bottom of his swimming pool. The man rushed to the little bird back to the surface, then he tried to revive him by making him a heart massage and "mouth-to-beak". After a few moments, the animal began to breathe again and regained consciousness gradually. Alessandro then used a hairdryer to dry her feathers before putting the little bird in the yard of his house to enable him to resume its flight.This dude is a real hero <3

Posted by We Are Against Trophy Hunting on Thursday, November 26, 2015