Krista Miranda

By Krista Miranda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Quit His Job, Sold His Possessions, And Now Travels With The Cat Who Rescued Him.

Most people believe that when you adopt an animal from a shelter you're doing them a favor. While you are saving them from a life of uncertainty, they're rescuing you, as well. When you fall in love with an animal, they become your best friend, a part of your family. They're there for you when you're sad, making sure they lick the tears from your face. When you feel lonely, your animal companion assures you always have someone to talk to. Even at your lowest point, the love you have for them could be the only thing keeping you going. Richard, from Australia, knows exactly how it feels to have an animal friend come into his life at the perfect time. Now, the two of them are living a life of adventure!

Richard, and his feline companion, Willow, have been in each other's lives for quite a while.

They met through Richard's ex-girlfriend, when Willow was only two years old. She had adopted him from a shelter in Tasmania.

But it was Richard who Willow took an interest in. Willow began following Richard around like a little shadow, keeping him company when he felt lonely.

After the couple broke up, Richard's ex couldn't keep Willow anymore, and asked Richard if he could take her.

Richard didn't think twice about it. He agreed to take care of Willow for the rest of her life.

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