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This Is The List Forbes Doesn’t Tell You About. The World’s 10 Richest Pets.

#6. Pontiac

Betty White's golden retriever Pontiac is set for life. Betty set up a $5 million trust fund for her favorite dog in the world.


#7. Blackie

Blackie became the richest cat in the world after he inherited $25 million.


#8. Kalu

Patricia O’Neil, the daughter of the Countess of Kenmore, rescued Kalu after finding him tied to a tree. The chimp inherited a $90 million trust fund and lives in a mansion in South Africa.


#9. Toby Rimes

This poodle has a net worth of $92 million, thanks to her late owner Ella Wendel.

Toby Rimes

#10. Tommaso

This cat was rescued when he was 4 years old by Maria Assunta. After Maria's death in 2011, her net worth of $13 million was transferred to Tommaso.


If they only knew!

Sources: therichest.com, Cover photo

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