Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

Rich People Showers Were Expertly Trolled By This Cheeky Artist.

We all like to tear down people who are super rich, because, let's face it, we're green with envy. After all, they seem to have so much, and we're not just talking about having too many square feet on their property, or having a 60 inch TV flat screen in every room. It's about some of the amenities inside their homes which seem absolutely absurd. Fortunately, it was this proverbial Achille's Heel that allowed one artist to highlight how ridiculous some rich people's things, like their showers really are. The artist is known as Artxauroraxart and thanks to her doodling, we can all have a good laugh at rich people's expenses.

Is that a fire in the shower? Nope! Just a fireplace nearby.

Who in the world would design such a thing? It's like trying to set fire to the rain.

Unless you're an exhibitionist, you'll find showering like this to be extremely unnerving.

It's like the designer was really going for a prison style shower. But given how spacious the area is, whoever owns it must be freezing their butt off when the water isn't hitting them directly.

Ugh! Who would want to bathe in their own shower water?

For starters, it looks like you're an exhibit in an art museum. But also, can you imagine sticking your feet back into that soapy water where all of your dirt, sweat and bodily fluids have blended together? No thanks.

Are you there to shower or to journey into outer space?

It looks kind of eerie in there. But on the plus side, you'll look like an angel with a halo over your head. Also, there's a cool massage chair that you can use before or after your finish showering.

This shower is like an alien abduction scene from a classic "X-Files" episode.

But it also has a bit of a disco theme to it too. So you can literally sing in the rain and move those hips while you lather. It's also kind of beautiful and relaxing with the blue light shining down.

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