By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Ricky Gervais Is Refusing To Back Down… Even After The Death Threats.

Comedian Ricky Gervais is not joking when it comes to animal conservation. The Brit has been busy questioning and challenging the hypocrisy of trophy hunting. His Twitter war against American hunter Rebecca Francis brings much-needed attention of killing animals for sport.

Gervais has posted photos of hunters posing with their kill, in what looks like a display of arrogance and joy. For the trophy hunters, they argue that their sport allows for the conservation of animals as well as economic growth for impoverished countries, particularly in Africa.

Although hunters pay millions each year to kill endangered and non-endangered animals, there is no data to confirm the funds are used towards conservation of the animals nor the sustainability of surrounding villages.

Gervais has taken his sarcastic humor to mock the now-infamous after-kill poses. He is on the hunt to protect animals and proudly makes the following statement, “animals don’t have a voice. But I do. A loud one.”

Ricky Gervais calls out hunters.

Comedian dumbfounded by callousness of posing and smiling beside a dead animal.

Gervais puts forth comedy gold while taking a stand.

Other trophy hunters get in on the Twitter war.

More ammunition for Gervais to focus his energy on those who believe killing animals is a sport.

Gervais responds to accusations that he is sexist calling out female hunters.

The comedian supports his argument with facts.

A little more sarcasm from the famous Brit.

Gervais gets the last word in.