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16 People Who Wore The Right Shirt At The Perfect Time, #7 Is A Hilarious Coincidence.

If you're into wearing t-shirts that celebrate your favorite celebrity, character, or band, you're going to really appreciate this post. In it, there are 16 people who wore their fandom on their sleeves - literally - and then got super lucky.

These people wore their shirts at just the right time. That is, they wore them while having a chance meeting with the celebrity they're repping. The resulting pictures are adorable and hilarious (and only slightly awkward). #13 is just the best.

#1. This guy wore his Dead Mau5 shirt to just the right place.

#2. Nick Offerman and a Nick Offerman shirt.

#3. Arnold Schwarzenegger and a guy who is clearly a fan.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and a guy who is clearly a fan.

#4. Justin Verlander and his smallest fan.

#5. Rosie Huntington-Whitley with a potential suitor.

#6. Chris Pratt and the shirt that loves him.

#7. Sharon Stone and a fan wearing the most iconic scene of her career.

#8. George Takei is clearly jazzed about his shirt.

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