By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

15 Foods You’re Saying Wrong… Everyone Gets Tripped Up By #8.

#6. Salmon

People commonly pronounce the "L," but it's actually silent and should be pronounced, "sam-uhn."

#7. Worcestershire Sauce

Some people refuse to say this word altogether, but here's a shortcut that'll help you remember. Cut out the 'rce' and you get 'wostershire.' Break it down and you get 'woos-turh-shurh.'

#8. Croissant

In American English, it is perfectly fine to say 'cruh-sahnt' in which the emphasis is on the second syllable and ending in a 't' sound.' The French pronunciation, however, is more like 'cwa-sohn,' with a stronger emphasis on the first syllable. Just keep that in mind when traveling.

#9. Espresso

As a barista, about a fourth of my customers inquiring about espresso drinks on the menu pronounced it with an 'x.' However, no such sound exists in the word. It is much smoother, 'ess-press-oh.'

#10. Gnocchi

Don't feel stupid if you get this one wrong. This word just sets you up for failure. Some people got the first part right, that the 'g' is silent. So, they say 'no-key.' If you've watched the Food Channel enough, you know it's actually 'nyoh-key.'

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