By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Bird Thinks He’s A Dog, Watch How He Snuggles Up To His Human.

A toucan named Ripley might be having an identity crisis. This exotic animal originally from Latin America is feeling more canine than a tropical bird of paradise. Ridley is casually hanging out on her human’s lap while he’s sitting in front of his computer.

Rather than getting any work done, the man is stroking the bird like it's a furry dog. It doesn’t seem to bother Ripley, quite the contrary she twists and turns to make sure she is getting the petting treatment all over her neck.

Toucans are very vocal, making a tapping and clattering sound to communicate. Ripley’s tone seem to be indicating, “I love the cuddles” and “you’re not finished.” The bird is a YouTube star with her own channel Ripley the Toucan with videos showing us what her feathered life is like. When she’s not busy getting cozy with people, Ripley loves eating blueberries and papaya.

Source: Ramphastid556