They Attached A Camera To A Turtle… It Captured Something That Has NEVER Been Seen Before.

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How do you protect a species whose numbers have dramatically decreased over the years? Scientists ask themselves this question in their quest to help animals living in a world where changes in their habitats are often violently changed. Often times, changes in the environment in different parts of the world, do not allow animals time to adapt, causing their numbers to decline and in some cases become extinct.

The South American river turtle is a species who is decreasing in population. The Brazilian government has set armed guards to patrol and protect nesting beaches.

Technology is also playing a part helping with conservation by using Crittercam. The Crittercams are attached to the female turtles, allowing a glimpse in to their migration, and interaction with their hatchlings and other females. It is amazing to have a peek of what the day-to-day life of these beautiful creatures is like.

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