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She Found An Abandoned Puppy… It Changed Her Life In A Way She Didn’t Expect.

Renata Taneyeva had no idea that when she rescued an injured dog she found limping on the side of the road, she would be meeting her new best friend. Taneyeva was driving when she spotted Kyra, an Alaskan malamute in rough shape and in desperate need of medical attention. Instead of leaving the puppy, she took her to a hospital.

X-rays confirmed Kyra’s front leg was broken. Taneyeva jumped in to action by taking out a loan to cover a surgery where a metal plate and pin would be inserted in the leg. A second surgery followed to remove the pin and still a third surgery this past month to remove the metal from her leg. Through it all, Taneyeva has stood beside her friend.

Despite Taneyeva’s instant devotion to her new canine, it took Kyra time to trust her human protector. But now, the two are inseparable.

“My life’s completely changed,” said Taneyeva. “I really believe she was sent to me for a reason.”

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