Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

Subversive Artist Transforms Roads Into Thoughtful Works Of Art.

Art can pretty much be created out of anything using any canvas. Why constrict your art to a mere piece of paper when you can expand it to bigger surfaces? The world is our playground. To artists, the world is their canvas. That's how artists should view their surroundings — to allow themselves to be inspired by everything around them.

At least that's how Montreal-based artist and activist Peter Gibson (aka Roadsworth on Instagram) goes about his artwork. He thinks outside the box and takes his art to the public eye where everyone can see it.

Gibson has brought his artwork literally to the public as he's used parking lots, crosswalks, and other open road expanses as his canvas'.

Every yellow or white paint stripe on the ground most people would view as traffic stripes, Gibson views as a new art opportunity.

Not only is he an artist, but he's also an activist. He's turned parking stripes into dandelions in the past and have also convinced drivers to get out of their cars and onto bicycles.

Gibson is definitely most well known for his creative and amazing art work on roads. However, he has began branching out to other mediums as well.

He's began creating large scale installations and has even started taking on mural projects and commissions.

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