Lisa Be

By Lisa Be

LifeBuzz Staff

A Wildlife Photographer Rescued An Adorable Baby Palm Squirrel.

Wildlife photographer Paul Williams was filming for BBC in Sri Lanka when he found a baby palm squirrel in a hotel parking lot. At first glance, Paul thought the tiny baby was dead until he saw him twitch. He immediately picked the squirrel up and warmed it in his hands.

Paul placed the squirrel in a secure spot in a tree where he hoped the baby squirrel’s mom would find him, but the next morning the little fellow was still there.

Paul and the rest of the camera crew used their thermal cameras to search for hotspots where they might find squirrel nests, but they didn’t find any. He didn’t want the baby squirrel to die, so Paul decided he had to keep it and care for it until it could be released back into the wild.

Paul named the baby squirrel Rob.

Rob liked sleeping in Paul’s shirt throughout the day and would peep his head out periodically to see what was going on.

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