By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Watch What Happens When A Robot Dog Tries To Say ‘Hi’ To A Real Dog.

Google's Boston Dynamics group has been up to some incredible projects lately, most notably this four-legged robot that actually moves and reacts like a real dog.

They've lovingly named the robot dog Spot, and in the video below, Spot finds out what it's like to hang out with a real dog for the first time. The real dog, called Fido, doesn't seem to please with Spot's presence -- but then again, he's unlike any dog Fido (or us, for that matter) have ever seen before.

Spot was originally designed for the military, but then it was decided that it was too loud and reliant on human orders for duty. Maybe this means that some version of Spot will become available, just for kicks?

Source: jurvetson