By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Howie Mandel FREAKED When He Saw What They’d Done To His Luxury Home.

When you were a kid, toilet-papering a house was like the ultimate prank, one that everyone could get away with if they had a little time and a few rolls of the white stuff. Now, as an adult, you realize how inconvenient a TP'd house is for the victim - the stuff is virtually impossible to clean up. Still, it's hard not to remember how fun this prank can be. That being said, when you watch this video, you won't know whether to laugh or cry.

Internet Comedian and Prolific Prankster Roman Atwood delivered this old school mischief onto the home of Howie Mandel, whose entire family was in on it. We were cringing while they toilet-papered his house, but we'll admit to laughing when Howie got home (even though we would never want to be in his shoes). Bonus points to Howie Mandel for being such a good sport about all of it - something tells us he's pranked a few people in his day as well.

How would you react to this kind of nonsense? Would you laugh it off or fall into a Charmin-induced rage?

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Source: RomanAtwood