By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

DIY Genius Built This Unique Kitchen Island For Just $125… And He Makes It Look Easy.

Having an island in your kitchen is incredibly helpful - but only if you have the space fore it. This DIY'er knew that he and his wife didn't have the room for a permanent island - so he decided to make a moveable one instead.

In his kitchen, there was space next to the wall. The builder decided to put it to good use. What you're looking at now is the finished product.

So how exactly did he create this extra seating and storage area?

The builder created his table and moveable island with 2x4s, then covered them with plywood.

Fortunately, he had plenty of outdoor workspace to get the job done.

He connected the pieces of the 2x4 frame with 2.5" screws. The legs at the back are temporary as that end of the table will be connected to the wall.

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