She Started Out With An Old Window Blind. What She Did With It… WOW.



Roman shades are a beautiful and simple way to compliment any room in the house. They are also very costly. One can skip spending a small fortune by taking plain, standard mini-blinds and give them a major makeover with this step-by-step DIY.

If you like doing a lot of projects at home, you will have a lot of the main materials with you already like scissors, a foam brush, Mod Podge glue, a tape measure, and clothespins. You can use basic faux wood blinds.

Being practical is important; choosing a fabric that provides privacy and light control is essential. When it comes to style or look, you want to make sure to choose a bold color or a stylish design. Roman shades can be set either outside or inside the window frame. The best part to this DIY is that there is no sewing involved.

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