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They Drove Their Motorcycle From Romania To Mongolia With Their 6-Year-Old In A Sidecar.

When freelance photographer and Instagrammer Mihai Barbu decided to go on a trip around Europe in 2015, he decided to bring his girlfriend, Oana, and their, then, four-year-old son, Vladimir. It took them four months, but their trek through 41 countries was a success, and they used a 2014 Ural Ranger sidecar, which they named Zair. Then in 2016, they head through Caucasus, Georgia, and Armenia with their trusty sidecar. But in 2017, they decided to go on a 26,000-kilometer trip through 12 countries towards Mongolia, which took four months. Mihai and Oana once again brought their, now, 6-year-old son on the most amazing journey yet.

People assume that traveling with kids across foreign countries can be dangerous.

Mihai Barbu and his girlfriend Oana had traveled with their son, Vladimir several in 2015, and in 2016, so this new journey to Mongolia seemed like a no brainer. In fact, Mihai believes that traveling with his son instills a sense of adventure in his child at a young age that'll make him love the world more.

In a country like Mongolia, where distances are far, communication can be tough.

The locals form a sense of community in order to stay in touch in a place that's as far and wide as the beautiful stars themselves. Speaking of stars, there's nothing like looking up the Mongolian sky at night. The lack of city lights and pollution allows travelers a front row seat to the universe.

As Mihai and his wife traveled towards Mongolia, they got to cross the most stunning rainbow ever.

This rainbow was a perfect arch of colors as Mihai's Ural Ranger sidecar rode through the seemingly empty road in Kyrgyzstan. How often do you get to see a double rainbow quite as spectacular as that?

All kids have a great smile, including in places like Murghab, Tajikistan, where Mihai traveled.

Tajikistan is 2,775 kilometers from Mongolia, so it looks like Mihai's sidecar, Zahir, got a lot of mileage added on this trip. And when you travel for so long, it's nice to see some friendly smiles greeting you along the way.

Along the journey, Mihai, who's a freelance photographer, takes time goof off with the family.

Commercial photography is mostly what Mihai does these days, but press photography is his number passion, next to his girlfriend, and their son. But as much as they love to travel, they don't consider themselves travelers. They just love to explore the world and then go home.

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