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They Drove Their Motorcycle From Romania To Mongolia With Their 6-Year-Old In A Sidecar.

Along the way, they ran into a serious panda invasion while traveling through the streets of Iran.

According to Mihai's Instagram, there was a guy selling pandas. “I've seen pandas for sale before, but this?!? We did not interfere. Took the pic and ran away." These pandas certainly put the conventional garden gnome to shame.

The Pamir Highway in Tajikistan slices through some of the highest mountains in the entire world.

It's also one of the wildest roads in Central Asia with peaks, but you can cross 3 mountain passes without dipping below 3,800 meters. Apparently, you can defy gravity too as little Vladimir proved in this photo.

At just six years old, Vladimir has accrued more memories and more adventures than most of us have.

Here he is giving his dad Mihai a fearless pose with one foot on his helmet and Zair, their sidecar, next to him. It's a great photo, and his shirt, "I want to see the world," really says it all. Fortunately, with parents like Mihai and Oana that dream is totally feasible.

The Bazaar of Tabriz is located in Iran and is right smack in the center of the city of Tabriz.

It's known as one of the oldest bazaars throughout the Middle East and also one of the largest in all of the world. It's even listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO. It might explain why Vladimir is absolutely glowing.

Mongolia was Mihai's ultimate destination, but did he ever imagine that he'd run into so many lambs?

The people living in the countryside of Mongolia are known for welcoming visitors and weary travelers with a bowl of warm, salty milk tea. The region is said to have some of the finest cheese in the world and lots of lambs.

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