By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Watch The ‘Royal Family’ Bungle Their Way Through A Very British Mothers Day.

If it is good enough for the Queen of England, it is good enough for you mom or mum if you are British. The Body Shop has created a cheeky video featuring non-other than Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla attempting to make mother’s day very special for Her Majesty.

The two royals try to do the things all commoners do on the very special day from choosing the right greeting card, making breakfast and even give the beloved royal corgis a proper bath. To say they lack the basic skills to get thru the everyday mundane tasks is comical to watch, particularly their inability to wrap the mum’s gift.

You may wonder why we are watching a Mother’s Day commercial at this time of year, turns out the Brits celebrate it on March 15 this year.

Love the Prince Harry cameo in none other than Union Jack boxers!

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Source: The Body Shop UK