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The Royal Family's Diet Might Be The Reason For Their Longevity.

The Queen of England and the other members of the royal family are famous around the world, and the media is constantly reporting on their activities, including who they marry or what they wear. But until now, there's one thing that hasn't gotten a lot of attention about the royals. Aren't you curious about what they put in their mouths?

Eating Well

Eating Well

Darren McGrady, the royal family's former chef, claims they eat quite healthy. Healthy habits are the norm for the Queen and her husband, and Prince Charles went organic long ago. McGrady also recalls that Diana and Charles requested meals made with ingredients that were freshly-made such as bread, pasta, ice cream, and mayonnaise. But calling the Queen a foodie would definitely not be a right assessment.

She Doesn't Live To Eat

McGrady, who worked for the royals from 1982 to 1993, says: "The Queen’s not really bothered about food. All she cares about are horses and dogs.” The Queen prefers a simpler menu like vegetables, grilled game, and poached fish, unless she's eating at a fancy banquet. She doesn't like splurging on new kitchen equipment. Instead, she'd rather the money go to her horses. But one royal prefers to cook because that's how much they love food.

Kate Loves The Kitchen

A personal chef is supposed to keep you fed and travel with you as well, but this royal perk is not something that Kate takes advantage of. Since her upbringing was fairly normal, she'd rather be the one cooking. So she takes care of the cooking, and hopefully, Prince William lends a hand too. But when he becomes king, that arrangement will probably change.

The Queen Doesn't Like Starch

The Queen Doesn't Like Starch

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For her lunch meals, the Queen prefers no starch, that is, when she's eating alone instead of entertaining a bunch of palace guests. That means that rice, pasta, and potatoes are a huge no-no. But when she does invite guests over for lunch, she'll eat crust-free sandwiches. However, she does have a few favorite meals she likes to indulge in now and then.

The Dishes The Queen Loves Most

The Dishes The Queen Loves Most

Mango /EatingWell

The Queen might be a picky eater, but she does indulge in some foods, like chocolate. She loves it and is really fond of chocolate mousse. She also loves mangoes too. In fact, she loves them so much that chefs served a chicken salad dish with mangoes and almonds at her majesty's coronation in 1953. But there are other royals who are finicky about their food.

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