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25 Dogs Who Technically Aren’t Breaking The Rules.

Raising an obedient dog isn't hard, it just takes a lot of patience and dedication. However, no matter how obedient a dog is, their obedience will never outmatch their wits.

Never underestimate how clever a dog can be, he or she will surprise you. For example, they always find a loophole to the rules that their owners have set for them. Not allowed on the couch — they'll lay on top of an object that's on the couch. Not allowed to beg for food — they'll sit next to you while you're eating and nonchalantly peak over at your dish every few minutes. These dogs are rule benders and these photos prove that they might even be smarter than their owners!

#1. "But my paws are still on the ground."

This doggo appears to be melting!

"But my paws are still on the ground."

#2. Just a hungry puppy hanging out with his owner.

Of course he's pretending that he's not begging for his owner's food by looking in the other direction.

Just a hungry puppy hanging out with his owner.


#3. She knows she's prohibited from begging for food.

But that doesn't stop her from looking at the owner and the food nonchalantly.

#4. She knows that she isn't allowed in the bedroom.

However, she thinks that if she doesn't make any eye contact with her owner, she won't be kicked out.

#5. This little girl isn't allowed on the couch.

Well, she technically isn't ON the couch. Instead, she's IN it.

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