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Woman In Thailand Rescues Puppy While Running Marathon.

There's a good chance that every one of you has a special hobby that you enjoy doing. Maybe you like knitting sweaters for cats. Or perhaps, you're the type of person who has so many books in your home that there's no room for furniture. This woman has enjoyed her favorite hobby for quite a long time, and everything always seemed to go the same way: she'd put on her running shoes and hit the pavement. But this time, something completely different happened.

Khemjira Klongsanun has spent a good portion of her life running away.

Well, running away from her competition that is. 43-year-old Khemjira Klongsanun is a competitive runner from Bangkok, Thailand, and while she has run in plenty of marathons, this race was nothing like anything she had experienced before.

Klongsanun was running in a 26-mile marathon in Ratchaburi, Western Thailand.

About seven miles into the marathon, Klongsanun noticed that the other runners were dodging something in the road. As Klongsanun approached the mini obstacle, she quickly realized what was causing the runners to move out of its way.

Klongsanun soon realized that there was a small puppy blocking the runners' way.

Klongsanun looked around to see if the puppy's owner or mother was nearby, but there was no one in sight. She quickly did the only thing that she could think of to do.

She bent down to check the puppy out and scooped it into her arms.

She was certainly going to finish the rest of the race, but she was going to do it with the puppy in her arms. The next 19 miles was going to be one of the hardest races that Klongsanun was ever going to participate in.

It didn't take long for Klongsanun to decide that she was going to bring the puppy home with her.

After all, it seemed like the dog didn't have a home, and her dogs at home would love to include this little pup in their family. But did Klongsanun actually run 19 miles with a dog in her arms?

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