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Rescued Kitten Is Working As A Nurse… Patient 'Bambi' Appreciates His Healing Touch.

Many humans don't have a firm grasp on the idea of paying it forward. When you have good luck, it's easy to pat yourself on the back and rest on your laurels, forgetting to put yourself into a position where you can provide good fortune to someone else. It's a little bit sad, because the concept of paying it forward simply isn't a complicated one - even a cat can do it.

Russell's story of survival isn't a pretty one. In early 2014, Russell was found in the smoldering remains of a fire that had destroyed his home and terrible burns.

He came to the Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care Clinic in Raleigh, North Carolina in serious need of a helping hand. In fact, the staff didn't even know if he would make it.

"He was pretty far gone, and we didn't know if he would make it," clinic staffer Alan Wilford said in an interview. "He has taken a long time, but he has made a miraculous recovery."

This tough old cat's injuries were incredibly serious, and still aren't completely healed. Despite that, he has made a name for himself around the clinic for helping the other animals.

When Russell isn't receiving routine medical attention for his own wounds, he keeps himself busy by caring for the other animals who come in.

According to the vets, Russell engages with all of the other animals that come through. In fact, he seems to sense that many of them are in dire straights, and tries to comfort them.

"I think he helps other animals feel at ease. We're a clinic, so I'm sure he helps alleviate their stress," said Wilford. "Most cats are independent and aloof, but he likes to be with other animals. And it's not all about him. He really enjoys giving companionship to others."

The clinic doesn't know if Russell will ever be restored or well enough to leave the hospital, but it seems like that's fine by Russell. His presence at the clinic is always welcome, and despite his uncomfortable condition, he thrives off of helping others.

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Source: thedodo