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20 Celebrities Who Look EXACTLY Like These Random Russians.

Even if you aren't into asking for a celebrities' autographs or taking a photo with them, you have to admit it's really awesome to spot them in public. I was at a diner in Sausalito, California a few months back when I noticed someone who looked like Tom Arnold was sitting alone at the table next to me. I wasn't totally sure it was him because he appeared thinner and younger than I remembered. After many glances in his direction, I had no doubt in my mind it was the real Tom Arnold. I checked his Twitter account and I was correct.

This happens to people all the time especially in places like Los Angeles, where most celebrities live. Apparently, it happens in Russia a lot too. Check out the photos of celebs or their doppelgängers seen in random parts of Russia. Look for yourself and decide, are these look-a-likes or the real deal?

Vin Diesel

If the Fast and Furious actor moved to Russia we seriously doubt he'd ride public transportation but you never know. Sure does look a lot like him but he would be way more convincing if he was driving a 1970 Dodge Charger.


The person resembles Björk a tiny bit but we want to know if she can sing "Army of Me” like the talented Björk.

Scarlett Johansson

Maybe Scarlett got tired of her acting and singing career in the US and moved to Russia. No chance. We just heard her band Sugar For Sugar release their cover for New Order’s “Bizarre Love Triangle" two days ago.

Bruce Willis

If Bruce Willis' Russian doppelganger Broos Villis wore a suit, he might convince people he's the real deal from Die Hard. That awful green outfit has to go.

Bruce Willis


Johnny Depp

Maybe Depp got so fed up with the gossip about him and his ex Amber Heard that he went undercover? To be more convincing we suggest this guy get some tattoos on his knuckles like Johnny has.

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