By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Rusty Old Van Is Covering Up A Huge Secret. I Hope The Owner Gets Away With It.

Most people love showing off their new cars. But for one proud owner of a new vehicle, the task at hand was very different: to avoid as much attention as possible. Afraid his brand new, fully-loaded 2014 VW T5 Sportline would get stolen, this man made an interesting request to the in-house designer at Clyde Wraps in Glasgow, Scotland. He asked to cover the entire car with a vinyl film that made the vehicle appear to be completely covered in rust.

This was no easy ask as the vehicle’s dimensions would need to be meticulously measured and the creative team would need to recreate the look of rust. However, both the customer and the folks at Clyde Wraps were thrilled with the finished product.

Not the typical request made by new car owners: to make a new ride look old.

Measurements and blueprints were examined to ensure every square inch of the vehicle was wrapped.

The 2014 Volkswagen T5 Transporter Sportline did not look like this when it was picked up from the dealership.

Within three days of driving in the newly vinyl-wrapped car, the driver was pulled over by the police questioning why the car had so much rust.

No detail was spared to ensure the vehicle looked as dilapidated as possible.

Would it have fooled you?

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Source: Lost at E Minor