By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

The Tiger Was Depressed So They Gave Him Mice For A Snack… Then They Got A Surprise.

Looking into the eyes of this beautiful tiger, it's hard not to feel the heavy burden of his sadness.

After his life partner passed away, Sandokan the tiger became sullen and unresponsive. The two had spent 13 years together, and Sandokan simply couldn't find a way to move on without his beloved.

Concerned, the zookeepers initially tried to introduce Sandokan to another tiger, a young female named Samira. Unfortunately, it was too soon - Sandokan ignored her.

After much thought, the zookeepers decided to let Sandokan have a little snack to perk him up, much like the pint of ice cream you ate the last time you got dumped. They put two mice in his cage, hoping that the tiger would hunt them, eventually improving his mood.

Instead of eating them, Sandokan let the mice play in his fur. After a few days, it became clear that Sandokan was allowing the mice to move in permanently - and they've been there ever since. It's unusual for a tiger to be so gentle to what would normally be considered prey, but perhaps his broken heart has softened in the wake of tragedy: The zookeepers say that Sandokan is back to his old self.