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Meet Instagram's Saddest Looking Dog, Madame Eyebrows.

Dogs are often playful and happy, and when they're not, they're usually grumpy and will have no problem showing how they really feel. But Madame Eyebrows, an English Bulldog living in Germany, is looking a bit sad. But is she really that depressed? Well, not according to her owner, Janina, who blames her pooch's sad look on two gray spots on top of her eyes.

And while Madame Eyebrows doesn't have actual eyebrows herself, these lovely grey spots make it seem like she has some thick eyebrows that completely change her expression. Don't go trying to cheer up. She's already as happy as can be.

Madame Eyebrows is looking awfully sad these days, but there's a reason why.

Well, it turns out that the bulldog doesn't really have a reason to be sad. After all, she has the love and support of her owner Janina, and the rest of the family. So there has to be some reason why she's looking like she's down in the mouth, right?

This English bulldog may very well be one of the saddest things you'll find on Instagram.

Her grumpy face and seemingly bushy eyebrows have awarded her 29,000 Instagram followers, and she's even following a couple of people back, when she's not busy looking all sad and frumpy on her photos.

This is pretty much the way most kids look like when you wake them up to get ready for school.

That look is so heartbreaking that it's almost like she's saying, "Don't talk to me. Don't look at me. I'm not in the mood." But her feelings couldn't be further from the truth and no one knows that better than Janina.

It turns out that those eyebrows are just patches which cause Madame Eyebrows to look somber.

Looks, however, can be quite deceiving. According to Janina, Madame Eyebrows is actually a truly happy dog who gives as much as she gets. In fact, she describes her as being goofy and happy most of the time during the day.

It turns out that those eyebrows are just patches which cause Madame Eyebrows to look somber.

madame_eyebrows / Instagram

Yes, it might seem like Madame Eyebrows just got out of bed and is questioning the meaning of life.

But Janina claims that if you spend a few minutes with her pooch, you'd see that she's quite a happy dog. She's apparently very funny and loves goofing around.

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