Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

Meet Instagram's Saddest Looking Dog, Madame Eyebrows.

Madame Eyebrows actually gets a huge kick out of life.

She seems to be surprised when her owner caught her off guard and snapped a photo. Madame Eyebrows is looking at the camera like, "Seriously, Janina? Let me know before snapping a pic, I could've touched up in the powder room, at least".

See? We knew that Madame Eyebrows had it in her to give us a smile after all, and she's beautiful.

Janina says that her dog is not only funny, but she shows her love for the family in several other ways, not just through her facial expressions. She not only wiggles her tail when she gets excited, but she enjoys kissing the people in her life too.

Need more proof at just how goofy Madame Eyebrows is? Well, how about this photo?

She's such a diva! No wonder Janina calls her "Madame." It's like she knows she's posing for the thousands of followers she's accrued on social media. Now that's an angle that shows her true nature!

Of course, to the untrained eye, Madame Eyebrows will always seem like she needs a kicker.

She's wild and wonderful and until now, we never imagined seeing a bulldog sporting eyebrows that would make actor Peter Gallagher's brows look tame. She may look like she just had an awful day at work but this pup is living life and loving every second of it. Don't be fooled!

Source: The Dodo

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