By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

They Stumbled On A Hidden, Secret Safe... What They Found Inside Shocked Them Beyond Their Wildest Dreams.

Most of the time when you make the decision to renovate your kitchen, all you'll find is a lot of dirt, drywall, and stress. However, when this couple started the demolition process, they found something that could potentially change their lives forever.

What started off as a normal renovation turned into a trip down memory lane - only this young couple don't know whose memories they're seeing. After opening a mysterious safe, the pair couldn't believe what they found inside, and you won't either. See the photos of their incredible findings below.

While doing demolition in the kitchen, they found something in the floor: A mysterious safe.

Interestingly, the couple found a safe code when they first moved into the house, but never knew what it was for. Still, they saved it, just in case. Now, they had the opportunity to use it.

They couldn't believe what they found inside.

The star of the show: $51,080, most of it in $100 bills.

There is also a bottle of James E. Pepper, named after the original inventor of the Old Fashioned.

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