By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Tourists Get The Surprise Of Their Life At The Bottom Of This ‘Abandoned’ Salt Mine.

Until about 1932, a massive salt mine in Turda, Romania was still in operation -- and that's after first opening all the way back in the 17th century. After it shut down, it remained untouched for about sixty years, until it reopened as a tourist attraction. Yes, that's right: This salt mine is basically an epic day of fun.

The mine features a museum, pool, table tennis, and boat rides, and also gives guests walking tours of the entire facility. It's an amazing space, not only because of how old it is, but that it's still incredible to explore to this day. See the photos of Salina Turda below.

Inside Salina Turda are a number of mines, rooms, and galleries.

Now a popular tourist destination, there's plenty to do down below.

Guests can even take boat rides through the space, which almost seems too cool to be true.

From the outside, it's a cool building that's still pretty innocuous.

But down below, things get kind of exciting.

Some parts of the facility look like a regular mine...

...while others look like something out of a sci-fi movie.

The deepest mine inside is the Terezia mine, which is about 394 feet deep.

The lighting inside the mine is what makes this place really space age.

Can you imagine spending an afternoon here?

To see more of this amazing, centuries old salt mine in all of it's modern, updated glory, check out the footage below -- who knew you could create something so cool with something as industrial as a salt mine?

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