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Pet Chicken Helps Man Heal After Death Of His Dog.

Anyone who has ever owned a dog will probably tell you that to them, a dog is the ultimate best friend. But their short lifespan can be a bit of a bummer. Aside from finding a human soulmate, many pet owners would love to grow old with their pets. But in the case of a Jacksonville, Florida man named Dave Cox, that just wasn't meant to be. He lost his heart when his beloved pooch passed away. But then, he found love again with the oddest creature you'd ever expect... a chicken he named Sammi. Now, he and Sammi are taking Instagram by storm.

This is 43-year-old Dave Cox from Jacksonville, Florida, and he has a reason to smile once again.

Usually, the only other creature on Earth that could put a smile like this on his face would be his beloved pooch, a Blue Heeler dog named Cort.

According to the self-employed residential general contractor, he and Cort were very close.

But sadly, Cort passed away when he was 17, which left him devastated. The connection he had established with his pooch was gone, but he wasn't about to go out and adopt another dog anytime soon.

According to the self-employed residential general contractor, he and Cort were very close.

Dave Cox

He didn't want a dog, but he hadn't ruled out the possibility of finding a new pet to keep him company.

He's still not sure what possessed him to choose a chicken. But in March 2017, he walked into a feed store in Destin, Florida, and walked out with a 3-day-old baby chick. It wasn't long before the two became inseparable.

Cox allowed Sammi to move into his home and he quickly started training her.

He wanted to make sure that she wouldn't fly the proverbial coop when he took Sammi out on a joy ride in his pickup truck. Eventually, Sammi started going everywhere with Cox, just like he used to do with Cort.

Not once did Cox feel as though he was replacing Cort with Sammi, because he wasn't.

As an adventurer, Cox was simply trying out a new experience with his pet chicken. So, what might have come off as a very unusual choice for a pet turned out to be one of the most positive decisions that Cox has ever made.

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