Lisa Be

By Lisa Be

LifeBuzz Staff

I Thought An Elephant Was Asleep On The Beach… But Then I Took A Closer Look… Wow!

When Paul Hoggard was a boy, he dreamed of traveling the world but never quite knew what he would be doing for work, until he started making sand sculptures.

He made his first sand sculpture on a beach in India in 1991, and soon after began making sand sculptures for tips. He spent the next ten years perfecting his style and teaching it to others. Believe it or not, Paul is completely self-taught.

His wife Remy has also been sand-sculpting since 1991. The two met at a sand sculpture theme park and have been together ever since, traveling the world and doing what they love.

Most of the sculptures take them three to four days, but some take three to four weeks to complete. 

This elephant graveyard sculpture is the most intricate sculpture they’ve ever made.

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