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This High-Tech Sandbox Is The Toy You Really Wanted As A Kid, Look What It Does!

He also required a home projector.

"You can use about any home projector that you like as long as it is sufficiently bright (>1000 lumens is better I think) and its throw ratio is less than 3 (otherwise the projector ends up really high above the table. I used an Acer P1185 which has a throw ratio of 2 and a brightness of 3200. The projector weighs only 2 kg, is not very loud and is also quite cheap, around $300."

Surprisingly, his set of tools is pretty simple.

The tools you need for this project are more basic than we thought.

Now it's time to measure.

Roughly checking the distance between the projector and the table top, as these numbers can make a difference in the end result.

The builder's original theory is confirmed.

"The Ikea table is 2 feet wide and the projector's throw ratio is 2 so we need to set the projector about 4 feet high (122 cm). Theory checks out."

Next it came time to start the wood work.

"We need four walls for the box, two 2' long boards and two 1.5' boards. My main wood board was 7" wide and 1" thick which was just fine."

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