By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Every Adam Sandler Movie Is Connected, And This ‘Genius’ Explains It In Hilarious Detail.

Comedian Adam Sandler employs a lot of his fellow castmates from his SNL days in his films. Many people have noticed the characters are sometimes the same as well. One man however, has stepped into the Sandler universe or the Sandleverse and has come across a discovery; everything is connected.

Shawn Kohne was watching 50 First Dates when he made the connection to another movie, Tommy Boy. "After that it was just the process of literally watching EVERY Sandler and Happy Madison Production looking for connections,” says Kohne.

The man found Easter eggs hidden in all his work from television, film, and albums.Two notables are Rob Scheneider’s famous line, “you can do it” making several appearances as well as Sandler’s apparent obsession with Kentucky Fried Chicken. Kohne is not planning to expand on his findings but hopes someone else will take over. You may never see Adam Sandler's movies the same way after watching this.

Source: Shawn Kohne