By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

You’ll Hate Yourself For It… But You’ll LOVE What These Accordion Players Can Do.

If someone asked you if you liked trance music, you might feel inclined to say no. In fact, you might even claim that you'd never heard a trance song before. Hold that thought: This video might have you nodding in familiarity before you can say "strobe light."

Recognize the tune? It's "Sandstorm" by Swedish trance artist Derude, and it is incredibly popular in American movies, television, and especially sporting events. It's the kind of song that can amp you up and leaving you feeling ready for a fight - or at the very least, an aggressive dance-off.

"Sandstorm" was made even better by this quintet of accordion players from the Munich Accordion Orchestra. By speeding up the song and replacing the electronics with keys and bellows, these musicians give the trance hit a Bavarian twist - And even though you're not into trance, you're totally digging it.

Source: Akkordeonorchester München e.V.