By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

His Sand Sculptures Are Freakishly Brilliant… How Is This Even Possible?

Even if you've built some killer sandcastles in your day, odds are that you've never built - or even seen - anything like the sand sculptures of Carl Jara.

Jara's work doesn't have turrets, mermaids, or fish, but it does depict otherworldly scenes (along with realistic recreations) that spark the imagination. The Cleveland-based sculptor and woodworker does that on purpose: His intention is to create things you would never normally see in a sandcastle competition. His work is definitely unusual, not to mention totally impressive. See what Jara does with sand, patience, and a ton of talent, below.

Jara's sculptures are more about abstraction than creating things that reflect marine life.

He's earned nine World Championship metals for his sand sculptures, and it's not difficult to see why.

His work is incredibly unusual, and it's also a little subversive for your average sandcastle competition.

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