By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

17 Hilariously Inappropriate Santa Drawings That WON’T Be Going On The Fridge.

Kids drawing skills take time to develop. Some shapes tend to get confused or misinterpreted by adults to be something totally different from what the child intended. Elletia Thomas from the United Kingdom, was shocked to see her son’s latest masterpiece: a very happy, excited Santa.

After her initial response, Thomas and her husband shared a laugh at their mini artist’s work. She decided to post the drawing on The Unmumsy Mum Facebook page. “We can all relate to moments when our children do something hilarious but totally innocently,” says Thomas.

Her picture went viral with parents sharing their own children’s innocent but inappropriate Christmas drawings.

A very happy Santa Claus.

A very happy Santa Claus.

Parents everywhere were able to relate to the child's artistic interpretation.

Santa needs to change his hat.

That's suppose to be an arm.

A very devilish looking reindeer.

This child meant to write "Merry Christmas guys" NOT "gays."

Santa shaking or hugging a snowman.

A lot of glitter was used for this project.

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