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A Little Girl Wrote A FURIOUS Letter To Her Parents Who Lied About Santa.

Most parents dread breaking the news to our children: Santa is not real. Every Christmas we take the kids to visit Saint Nick to give him their wish list and take photos with him. We even make the long drive to the same mall to make sure we are visiting the regular actor to keep the fantasy going.

Despite our hard work, youngsters eventually find out the truth. The parental deceit despite being well-intentioned may not be well received by a child. For Mike and Nicki Adams, their revelation to their 10-year-old did not go the way they expected.

Belle stopped talking to her parents and locked herself in her room after learning Santa did not exist. Her parents tried to comfort her outside her door when Belle slipped them a note stating her feelings about the betrayal. She also added a hand-drawn emoji. This little girl may just have put all adults on alert about telling the truth.

The time has finally come. Belle asked point blank about Santa and she's been asking every day. So we were truthful and...

Posted by Nicki Adams on Thursday, December 10, 2015

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Source: Nicki Adams