By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

When You Peek Inside This Fabulous Oceanfront Home You’ll Never Want To Go Back To Suburbia.

Santorini, Greece is known for it's white stucco homes that speckle the coastline, the architecture moving so seamlessly up and down the hills it almost seems like the homes are part of the natural topography. While beautiful, many of them are way too outdated to live in. This space, however, has been given some seriously modern TLC.

What was once a cave has been renovated by PATSIOS Architecture, turned into the blinding white stucco-inspired home that Santorini is so known for. Check out the photos of the incredible renovation and beautiful accommodations below.

The home is located in the seaside town of Oia, Greece.

It's called the Sea Captain's House, and it now serves as a small, modern hotel that feels cozy enough to be a home.

The space was once a 19th century sea captain's home (thus the name), and this particular portion of the former lodging has been turned into a suite called The Cave.

Despite the lack of windows, the space still manages to feel light and airy.

It's also completely outfitted with luxurious, modern appointments.

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