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1960’s Homes Gave This Guy An Idea That Would Make Austin Powers Proud.

The sixties were a complicated time, full of complicated things like war, drugs, pushback against feminism, violence, racism, and insurrection. While we certainly don't mean to trivialize that fact, we will say that the sixties did have one positive thing going for it: The home furnishings and decor were totally on point.

One man from Phoenix, Arizona recognizes that, and wanted to figure out a way to preserve sixties home design in all of its glory. His name is Miles McDermott, and his Save the Sixties project intends to purchase old homes, find historically accurate furnishing, and transform the spaces into their former mid-century modern selves. It's an ambitious project, but McDermott has already proven that it can be done: He transformed his own home into a sixties time capsule, and you can see the fruits of his labor in the photos below. After taking a peek at McDermott's home, you're going to want to get yourself (or at least, your home) back to the sixties as soon as possible.

Miles McDermott has just come up with an amazing idea: He wants to restore time capsule homes to their original glory.

His non-profit project is called Save the Sixties, and it focuses on preserving those mid-century details and styling that people, for some reason, are quick to get rid of.

McDermott is an award-winning designer in Phoenix, and he started the project by turning his own home into a time capsule.

Now he wants to "preserve, restore, and showcase" homes, saving them from the generally bad modern makeovers that many of them get.

And you've got to admit: If you're going to make a time capsule home, doing so with furnishings from the sixties will make it amazingly cute.

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