By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Dog Was Cruelly Entombed And Left To Die… But A Homeless Man Was Watching.

After being abused and neglected for an undetermined amount of time, this poor dog was placed into a crudely-made doghouse which was then boarded shut. The animal was then abandoned and left to die on a street in Los Angeles. However, what could have been a cruel tragedy turned into story about a few good Samaritans, and the dog's hope for survival.

A homeless man who observed the doghouse for three days decided to rip the door off, only to discover the severely wounded and frightened creature cowering inside. The man alerted the proper authorities, and the dog was eventually rescued, treated, and is being trained in foster care so that he can eventually be adopted.

Hopefully, Walter Worthy Higgins will have a newfound chance at life - and it's all thanks to the homeless man and shelter workers who went out of their way to save him.