By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

The Easter Bunny Ruined Their Lives, But I Can’t Stop Laughing.

Parents are confusing kids when it comes to the Easter bunny. We talk about the fluffy, long-haired rabbit who hops around the house leaving chocolate treats everywhere. We even point out the wild rabbits roaming around in fields and the neighbourhood, telling little ones these cuddly creatures are watching them behave and report back to the head hopper.

And yet at any Easter event, a grown up dresses up in a costume to greet and hug terrified children. Or in this case, a dad dresses up and decides to surprise his kids while they're decorating their eggs in the kitchen. Needless to say, no child thinks a giant bunny at the window looking inside is anything fun and cute.

Things don't go as planned for these parents. Their idea may have just ruined Easter for their kids. You will understand their fear at 0:17.

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Source: 81 Mr Eminem