By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

14 Horrifically Beautiful Cakes That Make You Wonder WTF Is Going On.

Katherine Dey’s cakes are not exactly what you serve at children’s birthday parties. The 30-year-old bakes and decorates cakes that are bloody, macabre, and simply terrifying. She may not have gone to culinary school for her craft but it seems she's a natural even if her creations are bit of an acquired taste.

Dey, a registered nurse, studied illustration and sculpture at the School of Design in Rhode Island. She has also worked in robotics. Her cakes include designs of gory body parts like the brain and spine to a gross lamprey eel, and a huge tick sucking on human blood. Dey promises no one has turned down a bite of her sugary and gruesome desserts. Let's hope she doesn't experiment with the ingredients.

The 30-year-old's first cake was an innocent looking tree stump with mushrooms on top. Her passion evolved to more unsettling designs.

Dey says people's reactions are usually conflicting. "Some people are excited about them, some people are a little disgusted,” explains Dey.

The mother of two would love to one day turn her hobby into a full-time job.

Dey made this cake of her husband's severed head.

Dey also plans to start making tutorial videos of her cake making.

Source: Katherine Dey