By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Famous Paintings That Inspired Film Scenes Will Change How You See Movies.

It is often said that life imitates art. This philosophical belief that whatever happens in everyday life is the result or inspiration from creative work like a painting, sculpture or film. It’s hard to argue that point without taking into account what made the artist come up with their piece. Is it all from his or her brain or did something happen that inspired their work?

We may never know. We do know, however, how filmmakers are often inspired by a song, a story or a favourite photo. It is someone else’s work that often influences their own quest to produce something that will also excite others.

Filmmaker Vugar Efendi proves that art imitates art with his video essay, Film Meets Art II. He proves his point by placing side-by-side the works of fine art with a screenshot of films. You will never look at the following films the same way again.

"All art forms feed off from each each other, and film is no different," explains Efendi.

Born in Azerbaijan, Efendi graduated from the University of Winchester in England.

Efendi puts the movie stills beside the artwork and the similarities are uncanny.

Whether it's done unconsciously or as a tribute, it's hard to tell.

Although Efendi believes the relationship between art and film is mutual.

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